Eye Testing

Have an eye examination at our practice in Christchurch

Why get your eyes tested?

It is recommended that every person over age 40 should have an eye examination once every two years. In an eye examination we will not only check how well you can see, but we will also perform a comprehensive eye health examination. By doing this we can check for common and less common eye and general health problems. So come into our Christchurch clinic today.

Glaucoma screenings

Glaucoma, known as the 'silent thief' is something we screen for in every eye examination. If left undetected, glaucoma can cause significant vision loss. It is said that 50% of people with glaucoma do not know that they have it. By detecting it in early stages, major problems can be prevented.

Book an appointment with us at Barrington Eye Care in Christchurch to ensure you are safe from glaucoma.


Some people may be afraid of eye examinations because they think it will hurt. But the truth is they are completely painless and will be over in 30 to 45 minutes. Every eye examination we perform at our Christchurch clinic includes a digital retinal photograph. We also specialise in caring for patients with cataracts and other eye health problems and can discuss appropriate referral options with you.
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